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Thick & Easy® Clear Honey Consistency Cranberry Thickened Beverage, 46 oz. Bottle ; Each


Thickened Beverage Thick & Easy® 46 oz. Bottle Cranberry Juice Cocktail Flavor Ready to Use Honey Consistency


    • Moderately thick or honey consistency (IDDSI-3) as rated by the International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative
    • Fortified with vitamins and minerals, and each serving provides the full recommended daily requirement for vitamin C
    • Releases 98% of available fluid after consumption
    • No mixing errors – eliminates waste
    • 46 oz. bottle of thickened cranberry juice cocktail

SKU: 930717_EA
Manufacturer Name: Hormel Food Sales
Manufacturer Number: 48030
Item UOM: EA
QTY Per Sell: 1
Retail Description: Thick & Easy® Clear Honey Consistency Cranberry Thickened Beverage, 46 oz. Bottle
Application: Thickened Beverage
Brand or Series: Thick & Easy®
Reference Number 2: 7of_uh_vtt7twhk5hkqiq4pjhqkq
Reference Number 3: aaeqo38Hxntriprvgcr7agg7wy7c
Reference Number 4: UaMo49Fvpazpyxnadtrjqu9lnzmm
Reference Number 5: OosoRayer1hgcu3xnhfscpam7evp
Reference Number 6: UL2zUlxkvctfwbgpfh8rehjr9fa7
Reference Number 7: b_86RReUa8h8riszsnst4pc5zl2n
Shipping Width: 3.6
Shipping Height: 8.15
Shipping Depth: 4.55
Dimension UOM: IC
Shipping Weight: 3.29
Weight UOM: LB
Calories Per Serving: 120 Calories
Consistency: Honey Consistency
Container Size: 46 oz. Container
Container Type: Bottle
Ingredients: Modified Starch
Serving Size: 8 oz. Serving
Volume: 46 oz.
Preparation: Ready to Use
California Prop 65: No
Country of Origin: Unknown
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